Welcome To Rosemary Delgado MD Dr. Delgado at our beautiful Walnut Creek, Ca La Casa Via st Location. Rosemary Delgado, MD, exudes the highest quality effort and possesses expert knowledge in Women's health care and OB/GYN.
Rosemary Delgado MD We want our patients to feel comfortable with their decision in receiving their health care from us. As members of the Walnut Creek community we have a responsibility to our fellow neighbors.
Women’s Health Care & OB/GYN Rosemary Delgado, MD, Inc is an established company in the Walnut Creek, Ca, specializing in Women's health care and OB/GYN related issues. Our staff members Dalia, Nancy and Janaya guarantee customer satisfaction our staff members and have been trained in all realms pertaining to Women's health care and OB/GYN.
Ask About HALO? HALO is noninvasive, objective and repeatable, plus it's quick - just 5 minutes HALO has been proven a safe and effective method to collect nipple aspirate fluid for analysis Routine assessment with HALO will enable breast health monitoring and the ability to react to cellular changes early